Bling Talent Agency

How do I get Max to represent me?


  • mrs. zalamrs. zala Registered Users 13 Posts
    yeah.. i do wanna know. coz my life in stardom hollywood become boring without any action. :(
  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    I just decided to walk into Bling agency today. The secretary actually had a quest which led me to being represented by Max. We'll see how Max goes, since a lot of people say that Arnie is better than Max. I feel bad for leaving Arnie though :[

    EDIT: I accidentally posted this while I was on A-List, not Hollywood... oops. Hopefully the same turns up for Hollywood ;]
  • emilyvdemilyvd Registered Users 15 Posts
    I am represented by Max from bling agency! It takes a long time. You have to have at least two awards before anything happens. Your publicist will call you, and tell you to go to a party at Mr.Headley's mansion.. which is the mansion in the hills that is locked. When you go there, you will have tons of people to talk to. You will meet another agent that is interested in beig your agent but don't go with her because she's crazy! You will also meet max, he will set up a meeting with you and ask to represent you :) he's better then arnie! Max calls me all the time with HUGE opportunities, unlike arnie.
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