Edmund Flannery quest

Hey guys, I'm at level 15 and I got a quest where I am supposed to be meeting a dude named Edmund Flannery. I was supposed to meet him at Club Spaceman but the barman told me he went to Wasted so I went there but I can't find him anywhere! Do you guys know where I can find him? I'd really appreciate your help!


  • CloseEnoughCloseEnough Registered Users 3 Posts
    I'm having the same problem, I went to Club Spaceman then Wasted but still no luck. Any help would be appreciated! ;)
  • grelegrele Registered Users 73 Posts
    After Wasted you'll be send to Shellfish and if I remember correctly there you'll talk with Flannery. You are dealing with very busy guy :) who can't wait for you
  • CloseEnoughCloseEnough Registered Users 3 Posts
    I did go there though, I checked all the places after Wasted to look for him but nothing. But the task is still up there to meet him, doesn't say where or anything though :confused: Do I need to change agents or anything? I'm still with Arnie lol. Thanks for your help though!
  • CloseEnoughCloseEnough Registered Users 3 Posts
    Nvm I got it! You have to ask each bartender for a drink again, even after they tell you where to go. Do it twice then it should show up to go to the Shellfish! :)
  • NvsNvs Registered Users 2 Posts
    I'm having the same issue, and nothing I try seems to work. Tried going to all three places again and again, but after Club Spaceman I never got any directions. Arrived at Wasted and it was just the usual "gossip" with the bartender. Nothing at the Shellfish. Sent a ticket to Glu and they said they'd look into it...
  • stephyneestephynee Registered Users 2 Posts
    i had the same issue and apparently you are supposed to talk to the bartender in club spaceman for the quest to complete. i didn't know that because when i arrived to club spaceman, somebody with a '!' above their head told me to go to shellfish. anyway, you never get to meet edmund flannery.
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