Hawaii-Po' Issue

Okay so I started the "Type Cast" Goal sometime earlier this week and it says you must act in 3 Crime Dramas and in the show Hawaii-Po'. I acted in Hawaii-Po' first and it told me that I'd completed that show and 1 Crime Drama. I then updated the game the day the update came out which was a day or two later. When I went back in game after the update it told i'd completed 0 crime dramas. I have done 4 1hour crime dramas and 1 8hour crime drama. The game doesn't register it, if i click on the clipboard in the right bottom corner and go to my goals it says "complete 2 crime dramas(-1/2)" The -1 really confuses me? Whats wrong with my game!?:confused::(


  • roxmroxm Registered Users 1 Posts
    I've got the same issue. I think filming Hawaii Po was offered to me prior to completing the crime dramas. It's a bit strange since even though I've purposely waited for Arnie to find some crime dramas for me to complete, it doesn't advance the questline.
  • amorris72200amorris72200 Registered Users 2 Posts
    Same issue on mine as well! Hope they get this fixed as I won't be able to get the new agent until I finish the quest line!
  • XxfearlessXxfearless Registered Users 2 Posts
    I've got a similar issue, I had completed 1/3 crime dramas and finished filming Hawaii Po. Did the update, finished a 2nd crime drama but now it says I've completed 0/3... the one that I had before went away :( Since then I've completed about 3 more, but none of them are counting towards the quest. Frustrating because I can't move on until this is done
  • cheshachesha Registered Users 5 Posts
    Hey, I just thought I'd let you know that I ended up deleting the game and reinstalling it! I'm further than what I was but I had to miss out on the Oz items that i had in my previous game, which sucks but at least my storyline could actually progress. I wouldve waited ages to get fixed and it isn't set that it'll be fixed! but thanks for all taking the time to reply!
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