Star awards

I was nominated for the star awards but didnt win. It was for my performance in The Wooden Cuckoo. I got 5 stars, i answered all of the questions right (i think), i chose crossed fingers, etc. What did I do wrong? This is so frustrating! Ugh.


  • amazinghongamazinghong Registered Users 1 Posts
    Same here. I reply "...." instead of cross finger and for a sec i thought is because of the answer i choose wrongly and i didn't get. I guess the setting is to make us lost. We need to continue play i guess.
  • JMP73JMP73 Registered Users 4 Posts
    Nope, i don't think it depends on wether you chose "...." or "Crossing fingers" - I have won 3 awards and I chose "..." twice and "Cross fingers" the other time. good luck!
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