Newest update as of 5/15/13 and after .

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Looks like we got a new update with alot of new things today. We can finally marry our girlfriends/boyfriends . The one thing i think is not thag smart is for male avatars to get proposed to . Today my girlfriends asked me to marry her . Dont you guys thing a man should propose to a woman? Just seems weird . And i love that us guys, along with girls, got new clothes to purchase and wear. Good to know the level cap was raised and that we can now earn more fans. Everyone comment what you think about this new update . If you like it or not, what was it missing that u would have liked to see in it and more.


  • Kush_snipesKush_snipes Registered Users 1,067 Posts
    I also found a bug : when i finished a date at wasted i leveled up and went to buy new cloths, when finished i saw myself where about 5-10 feet away from me . The "fake me" was wearing the clothes i had after the date had ended and before i put new clothes on . Then i left the app by mistake trying to tale a picture to show the glitch and them when i went back to the app the fake me was wearing the exact same cloths as me but did not copy my avatars movements. I will post a picture here


    I even said hi to myself and could gift my own person
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    Im not sure if this came in the update, but after the skyfall movie finished I was given a short reprieve from filming, and was given an awesome black dress with gold belt. Best gift I've ever been given...
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    I haven't seen that glitch before HAHA how funny! The only thing since I updated I have no bartenders anymore lol
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    I liked how they increased the level cap, but it seems useless for motivating me playing apart from a single energy point per level up considering the highest level clothing is level 18. We need more high level clothes, for men that is.
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    Marrying is not part of the update I don't think. Engagement was but I'm engaged now and have been stuck at the same maximum points level for days now and no marriage option has popped up.
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