Getting Married?



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    Yeah so this is the number one most aggravating issue I’ve had with the game 😑 I’ve been with my virtual fiancé for what seems like forever and we have been engaged for literally weeks now, continue to go on dates to all different places across the game globe..I wear the damn engagement ring, bought a dress as soon as they were made available and the wedding venue has been paid for and I even chose/paid for the decor in the space. Then I guess the new update came and now it’s as if we aren’t even engaged and the upcoming wedding just flew off into the kkh oblivion. 😑....I’m honestly sick of going on dates and all that comes it when I just want to have kids 😭😭. I know I can adopt anytime and I may just do that but I’m interested in the whole having our own baby deal and clearly that isn’t allowed on here till your hitched. Anyone...please..HELP 😣 lol 
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