Marriage and dating at boyfriend's House trouble

Hey stars & starlets

I have deleted this thread as it is no longer relevant since I have posted the How to Guide in FAQ :D


  • CloeyCloey Registered Users 38 Posts
    I have the same problem I decided to breakup with him and date someone else I'm hoping it will happen with some one else.
  • chanshaychanshay Registered Users 1 Posts
    Hi, I had the same problem and I read somewhere in the forum that you need to break up with all other dates. I did that and then on our next date he popped the question and now we are married!
  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    I figured it out ages ago & posted a how to in FAQ :) This post is ancient lol! Thank you though :D
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