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Heyy everyone, I was reading one of the suggestion post with a big argument and I just want to help out a little bit. If you have nothing nice to say dont say it all. If you dont want to flip through a whole bunch of page their is a search box that might help you out. Kush_Snipes says their was a solution to giving people credit if you cant find it maybe you should ask someone in the open thread or just go ahead give that person credit already even if you not sure or are sure if the idea is already been made. Think twice before typing and submitting will it start a big fight cause problem offend or step on anyone foot if so then dont say it. If you not sure if it will offend anyone just go ahead and say, "sorry if I offended anyone". If you dont like someone or have something mean to say to them dont say on the suggestion thread or open thread, message them instead maybe yall can work it out without millions of people reading yall decision and then someone jumps in and make it worse. Remember every good and nice input in the suggestion thread make the suggestion better. We all here to make this game better. Just cause something accidentally went wrong or bad dont be scared to past again everyone make mistake nobody aint perfect we all human. And if this post offended anyone or step on anyone foot I am sorry just wanted to help by bring it back up and reminding everyone. Have a good day
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    Hey. Your definitely right, we all make mistakes, its part of life, we learn from those mistakes to better our decisions and actions in the future and hopefully, if we play our moves right it wont happen to us a second time

    About the "giving credit" thing, its not that hard a topic to settle. Since im a mod across every game forum and on the site i see thousands of threads, literally thousands, spam and none spam. And digging through them would take over a hour for me since there is so much, you are right that if someone came up with a idea we should give them some type of credit, not everyone can search through every single page reading every thread. But if someone who came up with a idea see's their idea posted again they can comment saying they came up with the idea and the thread starter or myself will edit the post adding the credits, of course having the originator of the idea provide proof/thread to show us. For new comers into the forums, the last thing they wana see is getting blammed and accused, saying they did something wrong. Remember every time the idea is mentioned the higher the chances of devs taking it into consideration.
    Imagine you walk in to a supermarket and your accused of stealing the first time you go there, would you really go there more often or less often? . some people want credit and all they need to do is ask. But forcing it upon a user who has no idea it was mentioned is a bit too much for them to handle on their first few weeks here. Just need to wait and see if the originater of the idea cares it was reposted. We would have no problem giving credit where credit is due. Just like you said. We all make mistakes. But its our job to learn from them and better our selves for the future. We Always need to keep in mind the more a idea is mentioned the better it is. Great minds do think a-like.

    Of course these were example's about the supermarket and all. Hopefully these arguments and "fights" about these things will stop and will give new users a welcoming feeling into the forums

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