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Hi everyone. I wasn’t sure where to post this so I decided I’ll put it here. I had a few ideas and here’s what I thought of. This is ONLY for fun since it most likely won’t make it into the game. Haha.

So please read. Remember with the amount of detail it probably wouldn't make it to the game.

You are at the airport saying goodbye to your spouse as they depart for Moscow, Russia to film a new action/adventure movie. Suddenly an urgent telephone call from Max causes you to rush to Charlene’s office where she is waiting for you. Apparently you’re under investigation because your rival was attacked the other night by a masked assailant and since you two have had many problems, you are the prime suspect. Charlene tells you to stay under the radar since anything could happen at this point. Curiosity gets the best of you and you go to the hospital to see your rival for confrontation. Your rival throws a fit seeing you in the room and the detective questioning them pulls you outside the room. Before he can speak, you swear you know nothing; however he does not believe you. Luckily your agent Max calls you, he has booked you for a photo-shoot at the beach with Flower who has returned from Paris-she tells you she and Hampton Martin (I think that is who she was dating) are married now and insist you and your spouse join them for dinner sometime.

Anyways after the photo-shoot, the detective appears and arrests you; apparently bits of evidence surfaced and make you look guilty. Being a celebrity (just like in real life) you spend only a couple of hours in jail.
Charlene comes to the rescue and bails you out. Max gives you an angry phone call. Next you are escorted out of the prison but met with the flashing, bright lights of the paparazzi and none other than Ray Powers who makes a very crude remark towards you. Later that night, you are fed up, you take matters into your own hands and seek the help of the private eye who helped you clear up the marriage scandal. While the private eye is on the case, Max calls you again and threatens to drop you as a client. He rants on saying this scandal is ruining his agency.

Charlene helps out by booking you small appearances at charity events and tells you to visit kids in the hospital so some good press is still out there. All the while, fans begin to leave you and support your rival who is getting everything they can out of the sympathy they’re receiving. People in restaurants insult you, like how they did when you were only a D and E Lister. The private eye meets with you and reveals what he uncovered-you were indeed set up but he is not sure who did it. You immediately assume your rival arranged this entire scheme and rush to the hospital to confront them. When you arrive at the hospital, a nurse is in the room making the bed and informs you that your rival has checked out. You try to call the private eye however he does not answer the phone.

That night you head home, the lights are out, and someone is in your house. You’re attacked, in the struggled furniture gets tipped over and fancy art is knocked off the wall, all the while you try to fight back. In the nick of time the private eye enters with the police and scares the masked assailant off. You fuss over the criminal getting away, but you learn the private eye had backup. Once outside you get to see the masked assailant in the back of the police cruiser-Paulie Woolkowski which speeds off toward the station and your wounds are addressed inside an ambulance. Later on, you and Charlene are at the station, even Max shows up, your spouse has also finally returned and you two embrace each other. In the office the private eye spills all the information. Paulie confessed to everything. Kathleen was the mastermind behind the plan. She arranged the hit on your rival and framed you for it all to get back at you for stealing her part in the movie which you learned ruined her career enough for Max to drop her as a client and for her to lose out on other roles. She picked Paulie as her henchmen because both of them were secret lovers and she promised to pay him a hefty sum to get the job done. Kathleen also rigged the auditions for the movie so your spouse would be preoccupied and the other part of her plan involved stealing them away from you. Everything looks peachy; you leave the station with your head held high as both Kathleen and Paulie are carried away in cuffs.

Your true fans have gathered outside the station and celebrate, relieved that you are okay. One fan even releases a dove into the air. Your spouse and you share a celebratory kiss which makes the front page of the newspaper. Ray Powers approach you and asks for a statement however you blow him off and give one to Trevor Brinksley instead.


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    Wow, I thoroughly enjoyed this! Do you like writing by any chance? :3
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    Whoa, intense story! I love to write, I'm sure you would to.
    Beware the green Indian soda, seriously...
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    Wow , i just LOVED IT .
    Totally great by the way.
    i enjoy writing , looks like you enjoy it too
    would love it if there is other stories too
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    Im not much of a writer maybe cause im lazy and I hope im not asking to much maybe you can write a Rome and Juliet story?? You just had a kid and so did your rival both of the kids are 15 now and they fell in love with each other not knowing that their mothers dont like each other. Your rival found them in Starbeam when she was getting coffee and it cause a problem. Something like that I would like it if that would happen it be fun
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    Hi Thanks for the comments everyone!

    I just thought of this storyline for a quest for some excitement to the game.

    @Shiro: Eh... I kind of do and I kind of don't. But I feel that I can write a nice plot/storyline like what I did above. But as for a novel type thing no. lol. But I am glad you liked it.

    @Zbj: Thank you. Writing can be fun, I just need an idea.

    @mystic: Thank you! If something else comes to mind I'll share.

    @Keia: I like your idea! You should definitely keep going with it and post it! Personally I would have a Romeo and Juliet for the main character and the brother or sister of the rival who visits LA for the premiere of the rival's movie. But like I said yours is good too :)
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