Stars and cash!!! ;) :D

Heyy everyone,So you can get stars from inside the game by clicking the star at the top to get more. It been mention you can get stars from watching videos or going on the website. I was getting frustred of why I couldnt find the website for the game but I finally found the website. Now you think what is she talking?!? Tapjoy has a website full of tapjoy games that help you earn cash stars whatever it is. To see what im talking about click on the websit below, choose if you want to sign up with Emil or Facebook. Once you log in it should have a list of game that you have that is by Tapjoy such as Stardom Hollywood or The A-List. Click on the game and it would take you to more games that you can download for free or not for free this help you earn more cash stars or whatever all you have to do is select cash or stars and download. I hope this will for new memebers and everyone else and this made sense.:o:D

WEBSITE==============> <==================WEBSITE
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