To Hyde, my new friend

Hello Hyde, I just wanted to thank you for the lovely gifts you sent. They were very thoughtful. My little starlet will love wearing them!! You are to kind, looking forward to doing a film or to together. 😀 Ocean 🐠


  • HydeHyde Registered Users 9 Posts
    Oh hey there Ocean! You're welcome! Thank you for sending me gifts too! You didn't have to really. I'm just glad I have more friends that play Stardom. I'll be looking forward to work on a project or two with ya! :) Oh, and PM me in future if you need to. :D
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  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    Aw you guys are so sweet! x]

    Just, like Hyde said, keep stuff like this in PM next time okay? :P
  • Ocean~GirlOcean~Girl Registered Users 28 Posts
    Sorry, not really sure how to do that PM thingy? I will see if I can figure it out
  • ZbjZbj Registered Users 581 Posts
    Yon can just go to the person's profile and there should be a private message option under their name.
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  • HydeHyde Registered Users 9 Posts

    Hope this helps.
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