Help! Problem with a task!

Hi Stardom players,

I have a problem with one of the task called Supercool Medical Co-star. In the goal, it asked me to "read the script and co-star in a medical drama", however i could not find any script in my agent office or anywhere.

Is there anyone having the same problem or they can share their experiences?

Thanks a lot. I have also attached a photo.



  • mysticmystic Registered Users 233 Posts
    Umm have you tried going to the studio ?
    Maybe it is there ????
    Game center :: mystic.lily
  • lilyashley127lilyashley127 Registered Users 5 Posts
    the studio is locked
  • mysticmystic Registered Users 233 Posts
    Ummm that is weird ?
    usually it is not locked ,whether you read the script or not .
    what studio did you check ?
    it is super cool studio not DWBS
    Game center :: mystic.lily
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