Backround, Meetings, House Parties, Papparazzi, Siblings/Family

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I dont know if these ideas were already out there but I have some suggestions!

Backround- I think it would be cool if the background changed, like during the the seasons in real life the backrounds should change. And also since the game runs on real time, it should have day and night ?

Meetings- I think we should have meetings with our agents and other people at our houses or anywhere to discuss what we should do?

House Parties- I mean seriously whats the point of having a house if you can to anything?

Paparazzi- I think there should be more paparazzi, I mean when you're on the A-list there's paparazzi everywhere lol

Siblings/Family- Wouldn't be cool if our family's came by and visited every once in a while and you can show them around , take them out to eat, go to there houses (outside of hollywood) .

Thanks for reading ! :) leave comments below on feedback!


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    Background- There are a few posts about seasons, holidays, and day and night! :3 Great that we all see eye to eye on this.

    Meetings- I would consider your agent calling you into his office a meeting :0

    House Parties- This has also been suggested! Especially since The A-List can do this, it doesn't make sense why you can't do it in this game. :P

    Paparazzi- I dunno about this. Celebrities seem to hate the paparazzi anyways, I think having Chet around is enough xD

    Siblings/Families- This has been a big topic around the forums! Needs to be implemented, at least the children part!

    Hope you enjoy my feedback! If you have time, do poke around the previous threads to see what other awesome suggestions have been made! :3
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    I really love the house parties, paparazzi, and family ideas!! I also like the backgrounds idea, which I've seen somewhere before into he forums. I agree with Shiro that a meeting is considered being called to the office of your agent, but I still agree with you that they should be thorough. Awesome ideas! :)
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    Thanks for your feedback ! ^.^
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