Blue Star Chat Bubbles

My wife is an "A-lister", and when she plays the game now, in game characters now show a blue bubble with a black star in the middle...when she hits it, it says two options: 1 Charm 2 Chat...When she hits chat it gives her stars like she gets when she is doing a movie or show...What is this? What do the stars get her?


  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    This happens when you have chosen 'network' when you first meet them. This means you have become their acquaintance/co-star. So sometimes you will see them in restaurants or bars, and the blue star chat bubbles are merely just being friendly with them and chatting with them.

    Communicating with them like this will just bump up the co-star meter with that contact a little bit. Note that one blue star is one point in a co-star meter. Charming them will give you more blue stars than just chatting with them.
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