Anniversaries/Birthday Dinner

Should be able to have a anniversary dinner with your husbands/boyfriends or wives/girlfriends at a certain point in the relationship.
Say you reach the total relationship points at each level and you can have the option to go out to dinner, go clubbing or the beach or vacation to Las Vegas, Cannes, New York or San Francisco as a anniversary dinner.

Example of a dinner date place could be here in Cannes:-


And while on the date you have options like "Kiss" "Presents" "Talk about future" "Converse about wedding/engagement/first date" or something like that...

Or you could have birthday dinners, it happens only once a year and can be around the time you started the game. As a few have had issues with restarting and so what there can be an option where you add a date into the game (ie; your actual birthday) and each year it pops up and you can celebrate your 'birthday' on the game.

Same sort of activities like the anniversary dinner with presents and future but instead of remembering your wedding and such you remember your first award show, first award you won, first house you bought besides the neighbour hood house and so on.


  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    Nice add-ons to the Anniversary and Birthday suggestions :]
  • KeiaKeia Registered Users 423 Posts
    Its a great idea but in real life anniversay happen once a year like you get married aug 12 2013 then your annivesary well be aug 12 2014. This would go great on when to start a you been married for 5 year time to have kids
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  • ZbjZbj Registered Users 581 Posts
    Nice idea!
    Beware the green Indian soda, seriously...
  • Molly1Molly1 Registered Users 107 Posts
    Those are some GREAT ideas . This sounds really fun ����������
  • Avilawesley7Avilawesley7 Registered Users 365 Posts
    I love the idea
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