Marriage + dates

In this one task, i have to go on 3 different dates, but i'm married, so what happens? Will my husband break up with me?


  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    He shouldn't catch you cheating unless you date a little more with someone.

    But in the case that he does catch you, there is a cool little method you can do to prevent him from leaving. When he calls you about divorce, close the game and open it up again (make sure your game refreshes). He should still be your husband afterwards.
  • mysticmystic Registered Users 233 Posts
    I had the same task
    i just called some GC friends for a date on the same time , started it and left em alone . That should do the trick to finish the task.
    also did the same with a quest from my rival to go on 7dates on 3 days . All done in an hour or so .
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  • bressinbressin Registered Users 3 Posts
    i just found out i can go on a date with my husband as many times as it needs to complete the task, so no cheating :]
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