Rivarly date competition

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Heyy everyone! :) So I got done with a movie called After War and it won somthing that invole me to go to Cannes so I got done with the quest(Sorry I forgot what it was). So I was walking back to the air port and ran into my BBF! Isabella, she was talking about how she found someone special that she didnt have to pay them to go on dates. It eventually lead into who can have more dates in 3 dates. So I have one four three and seven as a choice of how many dates I can completed in 3 days. I dont know to do or how many to do. Im probably not going to do now until im not busy with movies.
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  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    The choice you make for this doesn't affect any story lines/movie roles. It's a little side goal that rewards cash and xp and doesn't lead to anything so don't threat over it :)

    I think the more you do, the bigger the reward is in cash and xp ^_^
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    Yup, just a side goal as Samurai said xD

    I did the 7 dates which resulted in 7000 cash and Samurai did 4 dates which resulted in 1000 cash :]
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    Ok Thank you :)
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