why so many dates to get proposed?

I wonder how many dates I have to go on with my partner to finally get married. Coz real Hollywood does not work like that, am I right? Isnt it true that as soon as the first date ends, these celebrities end waking up in the same bed? And being an actress, why should I spend all my money on dates. Isnt it the man's job?


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    Well, this isn't real Hollywood ;] This is a Hollywood run by you! mwahahaha

    Besides, it only seems that way because the media doesn't want to report stories on boring things like that. They want the juicy stuff, and that that's what we as a society get to know and label as our run-of-the-mill celebrity. It only seems like that because the media makes it sound that way.

    I mean, tell me which is more exciting:

    "Isabella O'Sullivan and Jaden Smith are happily dating and are on their way to marriage. We'll see how they are doing in the next 6 months after more dating."


    "Isabella O' Sullivan was caught cheating on Jaden Smith last night! There was a wild party and a fight! Keep watching for more details!"

    I mean, technically, you can cheat all you want in this game too, but why do that when marriage has its benefits in this game. Unless you WANT drama in your game, but that's your call.

    As for the paying and stuff, yeah we all don't to pay for our dates xD But then what about stars who play? They'll be saying the same thing! Why cant a famous wife/fiancee help out too?!

    But if you want to know how many dates you have to go on, know that depending on your level in the relationship, you only get a certain amount of hearts on each date. And each little heart point you get is one point towards your total, so if you do that, then you can figure out how many dates you need to go on :]

    These are just the mechanics of this game, and is actually pretty realistic in the fact that you must spend lots of time on them before marriage, otherwise it was just a small thing to get some public attention (which you do in fact get). It makes it so marriage actually requires time means something (but of course you just did it for the rewards lol) :D

    Hope I explained this in a somewhat fun and entertaining fashion...
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    Yep, lots of information, thanx for that.
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