iCloud Backing up - Are two devices supported?

Hello forum friends,
I recently received a new iPad Mini for Christmas, and have been playing stardom on my iPhone 5S prior. So, like most games, I assumed that when I restored my 5S backup on the iPad that it would just sync from my iPhone and that they would just piggyback off each other. But, my iPad is only displaying the data on stardom that the backup had 8 hours ago, and a lot has changed! Is this normal, have I done something wrong? My brother has checked out the settings and they should allow it to sync. I have tried it with other games, and it has worked fine...
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  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    Syncing from device to device can be extremely iffy with saves and memory for a variety of games. Some save, some don't. I personally know this because I had to transfer data over from device to device as well once upon a time and only a select few would save.

    I would either try to back up again before syncing or just move on with what you got. You can try to send a ticket as well for more information about syncing.
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