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I have a Kindle fire hd 8.9 and play Stardom Hollywood.

In a search for information for this game, I noticed there is a version 3.2.0. A couple days ago I found my game version, which wasn't the latest and now don't remember how I found the version number so that I can verify which version i'm using again. Though I do remember it took a long time to figure out where the version number was. I need to verify again because I got the st patricks update and wonder if that upgraded the game version also.

I also want to restart the game but I put real life money into it and don't want to lose that. So I was reading you need to back up your game to cloud or icloud (cloud is for kindle apps and icloud for apple apps? Is this right?) and then restart the game. However, I would really like to confirm these things before restarting since I don't want to lose the money invested already.

I've tried and tried to figure out how to back up the game files to cloud and can't figure that out. What must I do to insure the files are backed up and money won't be lost. Also when restarting the game, what happens to the clothes you got through special events? Also, what happens to the clothes you've purchased with stars? When restarting, do you get your money back in the form of stars, or how does that work?


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    The St. Patricks update is the latest update so don't worry you have the right one :D

    As for the cloud, you are correct in saying that icloud is for apple :3 But I'm not actually sure if Kindle can backup game data for this specific game to the cloud as I do play on an ios device. So I cannot verify whether that is possible :\ I would advise Submitting a Ticket to the team if anyone knows they do :o I'd wait for their response regarding it before taking any action.

    When you do restart your game you will lose everything you had that includes any currency you purchased with real money and event clothing. Why do you wish to restart out of curiosity?
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    Thanks for the quick feedback. I thought I read that if you back up the game files, you won't lose any money purchases. When you say you will lose everything, including all currency, is that just for the kindle game version or all media devices?

    Also, does that mean even if you back up your files you still lose all currency from former game?
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    That is correct but if you intend from starting from scratch you will not have them in your new game. Plus I do think that if you do manage to backup a game, and you restart it, this new version will overwrite the old save... But don't hold me to it xD Submit that ticket before you do anything just to get verified ^_^

    Yep, even iOS devices lose everything if they restart their game even if it is backed up onto icloud. It seems to overwrite the file on that platform. You can request real money purchases back but it is a long process and is not always successful. :) and as for event clothing, once you have restarted you can not get them back.
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    Why do you wish to restart out of curiosity?

    I read several postings in various places that people restarted their games and things worked much better for them. Less bugs and more informed decision making from a restart of the game. Basically I would play with a better understanding of how to play in a restart.
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    Samurai, would you know how to find the version number on a kindle?

    Nevermind, I just found it! :) I have the latest version.
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    Ahhh a fresh outlook :D That is fair enough :3 Just making sure as a few people have restarted for things such as wanting to break up with spouses after marriage because they didn't know they could just break up with them like any other contact. :o

    Just make sure you submit that ticket about this before doing anything drastic and keep me posted on it ^_^ It will be useful for other kindle players to know this.
    Akeva wrote: »
    Samurai, would you know how to find the version number on a kindle?

    Nevermind, I just found it! I have the latest version.

    Haha!! No problemo! I just found it too xD
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