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Heyy everyone! :) I made a post about an ugly painting and one of the stars said something about upgrading her house. Then I came up with this idea of upgrading our whole house such as add an attic to start your own painting career, a basement for a game room to invite all your friends or an extra room for the fun of it.
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  • kittenkitten New Member Registered Users 15 Posts
    Agreed. I'd like if you could pick the colour of the walls or the furniture too. Also to have the option to hide or remove furniture if you want. Like that ugly poster you have on your wall, there should be an option to "hide it from view"
  • KeiaKeia Experienced Member Registered Users 423 Posts
    Good idea and I now realize I post this on the wrong page I got excited and didnt want to lose my idea
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  • ShiroShiro Community Moderator Moderators 2,066 Posts
    Moved it to suggestions for you Keia :3

    It would definitely be cool to upgrade houses! Like every house could have three upgrades adding onto something. It would be another way to sell stars too haha, i'd buy them!
  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Community Moderator Member 3,359 Posts
    Aww yeah this would be cool! I'd love to add my own touches to the homes to make it more homely, like wallpaper colour, photos of me and stardom friends, rugs etc! Great idea Keia :3
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