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I want to set up a pic of my stardom person, I have screenshotted but I can't find a button, please help :D

Best wishes,
Tyler ❤️ and Pixie 🐾
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  • TylerPurryTylerPurry Registered Users 99 Posts
    Hey Ty-Cats

    I wanna post a pic of my starlet but I dunno how, no 1 I need an app that I can cut extras off and I need to post it, ideas?
    ➴Nature has fixed no limits on our hopes.♬
  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    I seems like you have got it solved :)

    For those wondering how to post it, you just have to try it numerous times until it works.
    If you need a url, use or photobucket, which works well on devices!
  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    If you are on a device (as i think i read earlier) there are apps you can download that do this. Especially if you have iPad (which i also thi i read) you can simply use the Photos app to crop photos :)

    Looks like you got the posting part taken care of though!

    Merged this post with your previous one. ;)
  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    Oh yeah uploading profile/avatar pics on here is a nightmare. Use the url code as Shiro has said and when the error message comes up just keep hitting back and save again until it accepts it.

    If need be you can use to make your picture 125 by 125 if you are struggling. If you know how to do it yourself on gimp or whatever, you can also do that way too :3 But your picture looks fine from here :D
  • Grunto PulouskiGrunto Pulouski Registered Users 21 Posts
    If I'm reading all of this correctly, and if what I think I know is also right, then the combination means that in order to add a pic below my name in the "Contract Killer: Sniper" Forum*, I would perform the following steps:
    1. Find/generate a pic;
    2. Size the desired image to 125 x 125 pixels;
    3. Upload the image to the Internet somewhere, giving it a URL;
    4. Copy the URL of the uploaded image;
    5. Open the Glu Forum, and go to my Profile;
    6. Click on "Forum Actions" and select "Edit Profile" from the list of choices, then;
    7. Paste the image URL in the "My URL" textbox(?). (Not sure if this step is right!)

    * I use a different Forum, but I figure the steps we're discussing here should still work when adding a pic there, since both Forums are parts of the same overarching 'Glu Forum network'... (<Ack!>:pWhat horrid grammar! LOL!!!:D)

    Thanks for your time!
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