Ten Things About Me TAG

Hello my beautiful glistening Starlets and Stars!

I have been "stalking" the forums for the past month and I have decided to finally join (ehhhh, it doesn't hurt to join, right?)!

This forum looks a little dead compared to before SO, I decided to post this. I don't mean to be needy but, I would love it if you can participate and I hope you enjoy! ;)

1.When was the last time you played?
2.Who is your spouse?
3.What is your rank?
4.How many fans do you have?
5.Who is the first game center friend you see in your contacts?
6.What is your fav outfit?
7.What is your Award Winning look?
8.What is your "undercover" look (hiding from paparazzi)?
9.Who was the last person to gift you?
10.Who did you last gift?


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