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Few ideas, that I would really like to see being implemented To begin with the styles diversity. To give more realistic feeling of being a 'star' I think it would be awesome to be able to have clothes that represent different style/ sub-culture. What I mean is, that many celebrities have different styles eg. Bam Margera vs Scott Disick. It might be a stupid comparison but I hope you get the idea. This leads to the other point which is the ability to have a tattoo on the other arm or even leg, calf tattoo would be a nice thing :). Also the piercings and the accessories. Here's the list of clothes/ accessories for males that I hope one day will appear on the game :):

-More colors of t shirts/ v necks/ hoodies/ hats
-Ripped Jeans, acid washed jeans, camo shorts
-T shirts with prints
-Coats, jackets, basically layers, something like unzipped hoody with tshirt/vneck underneath
-Headwear such as black snapback with Stardom or Hollywood on it
-Tattoos: half sleeves, black and grey sleeves
-More hairstyles such as braids, mohawks and grey/ white haircolor
-Jewellery: more chains, like 3 at the same time, ear tunnels (gauges)

I think that's all. Sorry for being chaotic and really chatty, thanks if you read it all hope you like it!
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    These all sound great! I could definitely see all these for stars, as they definitely do not get as much love as the starlets :)
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    I love the ideas you've mentioned so far and I'd like to add another!

    I think it would be great to add a better choice of features. It's very easy to create a look that's similar or the same to someone else so having different lip, eye, nose and face shapes/styles would be great! That way we could make our characters a lot more like ourselves. :)
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