Technical Problem

Hello! I need someone's help. Everything I do the reporter is giving me minus. I always make between 4-5 stars on a show but that reporter is giving me minus X fans. Someonr tell me what's wrong...


  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    Hmm that is odd. There are one or two goal related projects that you are supposed to lose fans on :/ The only thing I can think it is is a glitch, which in order for it to be addressed and investigated you will need to report it to the team. You can do this via their Support Page. When contacting glu regarding possible glitches, make sure to mention the game, the device you play on and the issue in clear detail.

    hope it's sorted for you ASAP :3
  • ZbjZbj Registered Users 581 Posts
    Really strange...I know this happens with me sometimes, except in the other way. Meaning, I sometimes get a few million fans for not playing the game in a long time. Works in my favor, haha. It's a silly glitch.

    Samurai Pizza Cat is right about trying to contact Glu for support here's the link on how you can submit a ticket

    Good luck! Hope it gets fixed quickly.
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