Mission Overload?!


Exactly what the title says, basically. I've been playing for a couple of days now (and enjoying it greatly, actually), and I've run into a situation where I have around eight missions on my list, including Keep It Real and Back to the Beach together at the same time. This, on top of A Cosmo Divided, Real People, Vegvale Station, and Mens Rea, has me worried that I won't be able to get the shows I need for Keep It Real and Back to the Beach.

At the moment, Vegvale Station and Mens Rea are on the "waiting" mode, as in I'll get the mission 24 hours later.

Is there any way to force Arnie to call me with Your Reality #3 and/or the movies needed for Back to the Beach before the non-timed events? I've been declining the other two non-timed missions and hoping that Arnie will call me back with the correct show the next hour, but so far it doesn't seem to be working.

Also, is there a maximum limit to the missions I can take? I'd like to know before I accidentally hit it :D



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    Hey Nekoneta!

    Firstly a huge starry welcome to the forums and to Stardom: Hollywood :D Awesome to see you enjoying the game :3

    As for the mass amount of goals and a limit: There is no limit to the amount you can have nor is it unusual to have this amount all at once. If you want to keep goals to minimum, in future concentrate on one series of goals at a time.

    As for getting those all important time limit projects rather than the ones you can complete at any point, just keep declining scripts the agent calls you with until you get the one needed :) Make sure to check back every hour for the call too ^_^
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    Thank you for the welcome :D I'm actually pleasantly surprised by what I'm playing, because it kept showing up on my app store but I never got around to downloading it.

    Guh, I'll keep that in mind then. I actually gave up waiting today and finished off Reel People and the Bikini Blitz mission. So basically, that's the beach arc done, fortunately. Now let's hope Arnie smarts up and calls me in with the reality shows I need - I have three days left, eek!

    One more bothersome question - I'm flying overseas next week, and most likely won't have wifi. I know that if the game can't connect, it simply won't load, so is there any way to pause the progress or should I just lay off playing until I get home and/or have steady wifi?
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    Hehe! This game is one of the best treasures hidden in the appstore. xD

    Wooo! Well done on completing those projects :D Did you managed to complete Beach series in time to win your exclusive bit of clothing? Haha! I'm sure you will be able to complete the Reality shows in 3 days but will require a lot of dedication ^_^

    Ahh yes, the holiday dilemma this game brings! Sadly because this game runs on real time there is no way to pause it, just like in real life (if only it was possible xD). So your best options are: if you manage to have wifi whilst enjoying your break then do indeed play xD but obviously don't do anything too heavy; after all you are on holiday xD Just simply loading the game up every other day for like 10 seconds will stop you from losing fans.

    If this is not possible; then don't fret! You will lose some fans but it's no biggie and it's only a small amount! You can earn them all back really quickly and more :]
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