Dressing/Creating/Changing Your Character Part 1

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Okay, I've been playing RPGs for a while, now, and there are a lot of things that seem to be lacking on this awesome game (le gasp!) :eek:

Below are my thoughts/feelings and would love feedback or, better yet, additions from you guys (especially in the male category department!)! :D I'll be linking my threads in each topic so that you can see how they all link together.

Dressing/Creating/Changing Your Character

I'd love to see soooo many additional features here. Below are suggestions for mainly female characters as I haven't played a male character yet so I'm not as in touch what could be done for them (though there will be some that would be unisex).


I'd love to be able to see the ability of adding your own custom colour streaks/highlights/lowlights to hair colours and the ability of choosing your own base colours. I'd also love to see more style options payable for with money instead of solely star coins.

As for styles...oh gosh...there isn't a limit! Curled, wavy, straight, punk, rocker, steampunk, 60s-90s, shaved, buzz cut, semi-shaved, asymmetrical, spiky, bobs, inverted bobs, buns, pulled back, corn rows, dread locks, ponytails, half pulled back, pigtails, semi-pigtails {half pulled back and pigtails combined}, any combo of the aforementioned and more! (Gender: both).


Way more choices! More colours for shadows, liners, mascaras, lipsticks, lip glosses, foundations and blushes! Would love to be able to see options of choosing to use liners, mascaras, glosses and blushes and being given the option to layer with them. I'd even love to have custom makeup colours, and I'm including nail polish in this. (Gender: female)


I'd love to see more colour options for eyes. I'd even love to see the option of having Heterochromia iridium where we can choose to have one eye one colour from the colour list and one another. Custom eye colours, too, anyone? (Gender: both)

Facial Features:

There are so many different facial features out there - different shapes of noses, eyes, mouths, faces and eyebrows. I'd love to see more options of these to choose from. (Gender: both)

Body Styles:

While some of us love playing in the dream world (by which I mean loving to see a svelt, trim and perfectly shaped and toned, or even muscular, body figure that they may not be able to get in RL. I know I'm one of those people lol XD), others would maybe prefer to have a body shape that's closer to their own. I'd love to see more body styles and shapes where we can choose just what shape we want to play as instead of being able to have only one default style/shape. (Gender: both)

Skin Colours:

No two skin tones are exactly alike. I'd love to see a wider array of colours to choose from, or, better yet, custom colours!

I'd also love to see NPCs with a greater variety of the above, too!

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