Stores Found in Current Locations Part 2

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Stores Found in Current Locations Part 1

Clothing Stores:

There are currently two clothing stores that are not in great use in-game. These two are Alberto Lamour's Boutique in Cannes and Pantaloons Nouveaux in The Hills.

After you meet the mysterious Alberto Lamour and he gives you something to give to Miguel Morilaglu, that store is no longer able to be visited. I'd love to see some exclusive clothing come out of that store that's higher priced that is just for you and not able to be worn by any NPC. The prices for this clothing would be a lot more than the prices of the clothing that come out of Pantaloons Nouveaux. There'd be a fair mix of clothes and accessories that come out of this store that are bought for both money and Star Coins (please keep in mind my thoughts about lowering the Star Coin prices due to their difficulty to get).

Now, speaking of Pantaloons Nouveaux...Miguel Morilaglu promises you that he'd design clothes for you forever once you gave him a taste of what Alberto does for designing. Sadly, however, he gives you one dress (and I'm assuming it'd obviously be something different for a male character), and that's the end of it. It'd be nice to also be able to purchase exlusive clothing from Miguel to have him back up his promise of being your stylist forever. These clothes would be primarily bought with money, but a few pieces would be bought with Star Coins.

Well that's it for stores and ideas for them. If you have more ideas please feel free to share! :D
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