Productions, Energy and Goals

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Higher Paying Productions Without the Long Production Times

As it currently stands, the longer the production (up to 48 hours), the more money you make. That's fair. However, not everyone likes having to put huge amounts of time into productions with Max, and I don't even sometimes like the 48 hour productions given to me by Arnie (I don't like Max lol :P). It'd be nice to have higher paying productions without the huge amount of energy needing to be expended for 48 hour productions. Yes, the 48 hour ones should be the highest paying, no matter who gives them to you, but it'd be nice if the productions that aren't as lenghty would be better paying so you don't have to resort to going to Max solely for money if you don't like the NPC agent.

Also, it'd be nice if you can switch between Arnie and Max indefinitely with no hard feelings so that if you do want more longer productions you can get them with Max and if you're sick of them (or of Max, or both XD), you can go back to Arnie without any upset (However, I've been seemingly getting a lot more longer productions with Arnie than others have been saying, up to 24 hours, so it's something to think about.). There should be a penalty wait time of at least 8 hours between switching though.

Goals/Achievements and Things To Do In Your Houses or In Restaurants/Other Locations

There are a number of things that you can do in your own homes, or in restaurants, or in other areas that cost money and/or energy. It'd be nice if there were indefinite goals for these random goals/achievements and things so that we can put that money and/or energy to good use.

Faster Ways of Getting Energy

The only ways I know of getting energy outside of waiting for the time to fill your bar in is bothering birds, looking in trash and paper bins, bottles in clubs and bars and tapping on other random items depending on where you are..and that can take a long time. The other way is through pets, but they take a long time to recharge some of them, and others take even longer. It'd be nice if you could get more energy more frequently by bothering birds, looking in trash and paper bins, bottles in clubs/bars, and other random items depending on where you are or have other ways of getting energy in-game without resorting to using Star Coins to buy Energy.
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