Dating Locations, Costs and Times Part 3: Moderate Dates

~~~Part 3~~~
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Part 1: Cheap Dates
Part 2: Moderately Cheap Dates

Moderately Priced Dates

There's only one - The Silver Shellfish on the Coast.

The Silver Shellfish

Mid-range priced date

Length of Time: Moderately fast.

Hearts per Activity: 1-8

Heart Meter: Fills up quite quickly I find. Shouldn't take more than a few minutes

Note: Here's a tip for you if you want a nice fast date at this location: Start by kissing your date. Then keep doing activities until you're able to bounce between "Champagne on the Beach" and "Best Table in the House." You may have to wait a moment for each to show up after you complete one or the other, but they'll show up. These take the least amount of energy to do and yeild the fastest results. If you don't see them popping up one after the other, just do another low-energy activity or two until you see them pop up again. Try and do these two exclusively as eventually you'll be able to.
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