Dating Locations, Costs and Times Part 5: Recommendations and Conclusion

~~~Part 5~~~
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Now that you know of all the locations, costs and times, you may be wondering what the best ones are Below I'll list my top picks for both inside Stardom and outside (on a flight).

Top Picks

If you're able to access San Francisco, my top pick outside of Stardom would definitely be Organic Chakras. Its reasonable costs and fast fill of the heart meter really makes it the best date all-around.

If you can't access San Francisco,
I'd stick with Club Spaceman in Downtown. It's the lesser evil of all other cheaply priced dates for speed. If you can afford it, however, I'd be more inclined to stick with The Silver Shellfish. While somewhat more expensive, it's still quite a fast date and can be completed quickly.

Well, that's it. I hope you enjoyed this guide I wrote for y'all. If you do have any questions or comments, do post them and I'll do my best to answer :)
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