No Stardom Hollywood on Android?

rn_2066rn_2066 Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
Hi! Can Glu bring Stardom Hollywood back on Android? As it isn't fair for us since IOS users can access it from their app store. 
PLEASE bring Stardom Hollywood BACK on Google Play/Play Store.
I miss playing it a lot!


  • DestinyStylezDestinyStylez Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
         I also miss playing Stardom Hollywood! I can’t believe it got completely taken off Google Play and App Store. Especially since Stardom Hollywood had just as much potential as KKH if not more to be an amazing game.

          I want Stardom Hollywood to return because I find the storylines to be more interesting then the story lines in KKH. Don’t get me wrong KKH is a good game, but Stardom Hollywood could be just as good if not better if Glu is willing to give it as much updates as they give KKH. 

        What I liked most about Hollywood Story is that you had to work your way up the ranks on your own instead of getting a free ride to fame due the protagonist association to celebrity Kim Kardashian in the KKH game. Unlike KKH, there wasn’t really a celebrity based on real life celebrity in Stardom Hollywood, which altogether made the story line more interesting since all the character are fictional. 
        Overall, it would be amazing if Stardom Hollywood made its return to Google Play or the Apple Store. Glu should really consider bringing Stardom Hollywood if they’re willing to invest in it by giving it consistent in-game updates. I hope Glu realizes that Stardom Hollywood positively impacted many people who grew up playing the game in their childhood just as I did. The Stardom Hollywood game community is bigger than some of us realize and a lot of us are truly interested in playing this game again. Therefore, I hope that Glu considers bringing it back and giving us the opportunity to play this amazing game again. 💖✨
  • UngodlyUnicornUngodlyUnicorn Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    KKH is getting sunset. I really hope Glu decides to put out a new game in this style or revive Stardom: Hollywood. I don't think there's any mobile game like this left.
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