Some things i would like

JuhmaltaaJuhmaltaa Registered Users 3 Posts
-we shouldn't break up after only 5 days. I can only play when its weekend. So I never get a boyfriend for more than a week.
-we should get marry and maybe have kids with our partners.
-we could travel to other cities and countries.
-we could have our own cars. Or maybe someone that you can contract ro drive a limo for u.
-more places opened. There are about 20 places that I can't ge in
-talk with the people when i Want. If I want to talk to someone and the talking balloon isnt there...
-more scenes with natalia. that evil girl. I want to see her more times :D


  • dramaqueendramaqueen Registered Users 9 Posts
    I hope so :)
  • TomaszekTomaszek Registered Users 4 Posts
    5 days it's even too much. Look at what you can do in 1 day. It's like a month in real actor's life. You can take part in 5-6 commercials, make a movie and everything would be already on air. Imagine than that you forget about your girlfriend/boyfriend for 5 months...
    Getting married, own car or talking to people in every moment is an issue for a huge update.
  • BountyAngelBountyAngel Registered Users 24 Posts
    Hey if u would like that stuff just play the sims it everything u just listed and I also agree 5 days is way too much
    1 day is just enough because u get ur energy back for u to be able to do it
    And also the game can't just fix something for just 1 person so that they're happy they need to focus on things more than 1 person think of and stuff that would help them
  • pinkk182pinkk182 Registered Users 13 Posts
    Oh really I thought glu made the game just for me... Stop with the mean comments. :(
  • BountyAngelBountyAngel Registered Users 24 Posts
    It isn't mean if it's true
  • verawasduhdrawing4444verawasduhdrawing4444 Registered Users 3 Posts
    I agree to juhmaltaa of her amazing ideas!
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