What do you do?

lba619lba619 Registered Users 4 Posts
Just curious, when It Is obvious that you are running out of time and cannot complete the next star, do you use your energy to get as far as you can or do you save your energy?


  • eejhaneejhan Registered Users 3 Posts
    If I still have a few minutes ill go outside and tap some stuff hopefully getting more energy to complete. If I just have a few seconds left on the clock I'll just wait it out.
  • ladygreyladygrey Registered Users 4 Posts
    Well recently I had a 48 hour shoot, 4 1/2 stars with only a few minutes on the clock, don't know why I spent my energy, knew I couldn't complete it, felt so stupid! From now on I'll just save my energy.
    I really do think if you've gone over halfway of a star it should count for something, on a 48 hour shoot that's a LOT of energy and it's impossible to know when you start the last star if you'll manage to fill it or not.
  • Charrmander93Charrmander93 Registered Users 654 Posts
    I save mine. It's almost impossible to finish all 5 stars on 24hr-48hr shoots!
  • SONE831SONE831 Registered Users 28 Posts
    If you have time on your hand, for all movie time, after you spent all your energy and you want a 4-5 star, then go around and just tap things. I go to all places on the bus to tap things to get more energy
  • jennsterxojennsterxo Registered Users 24 Posts
    I save the energy.. then go to different locations & tap things which will get me more energy. For eg. pets...
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