Dating Glitch?!?!

I went on a date at my girlfriend's house, but even if the date ends, another date comes up. It does that without me even trying to date her. Do u know why this is happening? If we keep going on bad dates, she will break up with me. Help!


  • brwnbarbie24brwnbarbie24 Registered Users 28 Posts
    I'm having an at home dating issue as well. I won't choose that option again. It keeps messing up the time left on date. My hearts started over, I built up to four hearts and when I re-entered the game, the hearts started back over. And this was an 8 hour date! Such a waste of time to earn the hearts and then they disappear which ruins the date rating.
  • SpiritualiteaSpiritualitea Registered Users 1 Posts
    Yeah, the dates at home are messed up! I keep getting ten minute left notifications and when I click on the house it shows me 4 more dates at the house?! I just avoid that option now
  • LilruggsLilruggs Registered Users 2 Posts
    I had the same issue, so my boyfriend broke up with me. I built up that relationship so much, but now I don't have enough stars to get it back.
  • ladygreyladygrey Registered Users 4 Posts
    I'm not even getting the date at home option, he mentioned it at around 500 points, now we're at around 2000 and still nothing. also I noticed if I date a friend instead of someone in-game I don't get any fans and it's never in the news even if they're really famous.
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