Getting engaged the second time

I was engaged before and that person broke up with me, I am dating someone new and I have been at 1249/1250 and it won't give me the other point for my bf to propose. He keeps telling me that he likes me and we have fun together; however, we can't keep seeing each other because I am engaged. How do I resolve this issue?



  • loridburkeloridburke Registered Users 27 Posts
    If your ex fiance broke up with you u might have to go invite him on a date and break it off...i was married and wanted to upgrade the guy i married...he was a my first a list alist boyfriend and believe it or not right after the july update we ran into each other at black widow and he propose we get engaged even though we hsd broke up beforeRead my other post...I suggest dates at the black the drinks and tis twice a day until he proposes...cost money but very little energy
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