More Side Quests: Fashion shoots, Endorsements etc...

I would really love to see some more side missions and quests. Photo shoots and photo ops that make it into in-game magazines, like mock versions of Vanity Fair or Grazia etc. They could use a generated image of your character on the front cover. Also, promotions for your movies, like attending the premiere, or appearing at a nightclub and spriuking the film. Also maybe endorsements, and you can choose various things that will enhance or steamroll your career. E.G: a female being a spokesperson for high fashion: good. Rather than a soft drink commercial which looks cheap (not a stab at Beyoncé at all :). I don't know if anyone will even read this, but I think this will make the game heaps better!!!
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  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    Hey, I read this! hehe :3

    Fun ideas! They do need more side quests, all these main quests get me beat :T
  • KeiaKeia Registered Users 423 Posts
    I read it too ;) Sounds great and more mission like spy fall had everyone thinking they lost a part in the movie,more excitment
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    How did you get your awesome display picture? Mine always says unavailable file type..

    Edit: found it. I was always looking at profile picture :)
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  • mysticmystic Registered Users 233 Posts
    Side quests is something.
    i would love to have some simple and fun quest that involve no filming
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  • HydeHyde Registered Users 9 Posts
    We need more content outside of filming. It's more engaging that way. Of course since they are side quests, players need to be given an option to ignore them. However, endorsement projects seem like a quest too brilliant to ignore. If you have two or more competing brands or designers trying to win you over to get you to endorse their work, that'll be cool because you get to decide which product you want to endorse. Imagine getting rewarded/sponsored a unique accessory, hairstyle or clothing from the designer you're endorsing. Great idea adam!
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  • ZbjZbj Registered Users 581 Posts
    Fun ideas!
    Beware the green Indian soda, seriously...
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