Goal: Show Time (Vegas Cabaret)

I've got a problem with this goal, where i have to do a 24-hours- live performance. While i was doing a project, this friend of max (i forgott his name) called me and wanted to meet with me, so i went to las vegas cecil's castle and talked to him, and he gave me a goal to speak to the costumer, to a guest and so.. I did it and then i had to meet him again at max' office. So i met him, i talked to him and then there was no option to exit the show, so he brought me right to this stage 'vegas cabaret'! Well, then i started performing there and when i ran out of energy, i went away for searching some energy.. And when i went back i couldn't find the cabaret! I think it's the door next to the appartement in cecil's castle cause there's written 'stage', i'm pretty sure it is, but it's locked.. This is sooo annoying! I sended a ticket to glu but nothing happens.. :( i really wanted to do this show, cause it seems to be a SUPER chance to make money and win fans :/ and the project i was doing is already done..

F*ck, this is really annoying -.-'

And by the way, excuse me for my really really bad bad english :D


  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    Do not expect a response from glu before the 24 hours are up, as they take a few days to reply.

    I've heard other people reporting they leave the live stage and cannot get back in. I personally don't remember leaving the stage for the Live on Stage, but hopefully someone who reads this does.

    Just out of theory since I don't have much information, it might be that way because, well, it's a live performance, and you leaving to go back home, get some energy, and come back doesn't sound ideal for the situation (but neither does a 24 hour live performance). Hopefully this is not the case, but it sounds like it could be because other people have reported them leaving and not being able to return.

    Good luck and sorry about your situation!
  • ZejnepeSZejnepeS Registered Users 2 Posts
    Yeah i agree with you, but it would be very weird if i have to stay on stage all the time during the show, because in stardom: the A-List it worked without any problem.. Well, now max is thinking i'm doing a project so he doesn't call me.. If he knew that i'm just hanging around and doing nothing.. lol
  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    Hmm, yeah for the broadway and stuff in the A-List, but that game is long retired from updates (big ones at least). They most likely changed that for Hollywood, especially since this is a much more recent game open for new ideas and mechanics, not to mention this is possibly a one-time thing with Hollywood, whereas broadway is a common place to do projects.

    It is weird, and I forgot if any dialogue hinted that leaving would end your projects. It is interesting that Max wont call you either, but that's also a possibly common thing about agents not calling... man, good luck though :\
  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    Hmm this does seem to be recurring glitch as Shiro meantioned. If I remember rightly, when I did the Live on stage performance, I was able leave, collect energy & return to it :/ but then I am talking over 2 months ago so don't hold me to it xD But I don't remember anything saying you couldn't. Definitely submit that ticket :)
  • ShiroShiro Moderators 2,066 Posts
    Oh the glitch part was leaving while performing and not being able to come back :0

    Yeah I don't either...but it is quite an upsetting ordeal :\ good luck
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