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  • caninnicaninni Registered Users 2 Posts
    Add me on Game Center.... Caninni
  • ghettotofughettotofu Registered Users 2 Posts
    Add me!! Ghettotofu :)
  • StephhyyStephhyy Registered Users 2 Posts
    My Game Center name is stephaniesue01 add me! :)
  • JflowJflow Registered Users 2 Posts
    Add me to Game Center: Jflow340

    Not sure if I have done it correctly through the game center app, but hopefully I can get more help in-game.
  • TomaszekTomaszek Registered Users 4 Posts
    Hi guys!
    I really need friends :) Please add me: Tomussmypl
  • QueenlaveraQueenlavera Registered Users 24 Posts
    Add me on game center: queenlavera
    Add me on GC: queenlavera
  • lindy0116lindy0116 Registered Users 5 Posts
    Always looking for friends. Game Center ID = lindy0116
  • eejhaneejhan Registered Users 3 Posts
    Add me on game centre too! ID: seowhung
  • AmirssongAmirssong Registered Users 2 Posts
    Hello people. Add me up. I give gift too. :) game center name: amirssong
  • Bunnylovesmonkey11Bunnylovesmonkey11 Registered Users 4 Posts
    Username: monkeybeb
  • SusuSusu Registered Users 2 Posts
    Regular player, always happy for friends. Please add me! :D

    ID: susurrusa
  • Bunnylovesmonkey11Bunnylovesmonkey11 Registered Users 4 Posts
    Hi add me up on Game Center!
    Username: monkeybeb
  • ladygreyladygrey Registered Users 4 Posts
    Username: tekniicolor
    Feel free to add :)
  • bonnie_leabonnie_lea Registered Users 2 Posts
    Add me on game center BONNIE_BLUE
  • Charrmander93Charrmander93 Registered Users 654 Posts
    Charrmaander :)
  • OhoudOhoud Registered Users 2 Posts
    Add me please. Game Center :
    Ohoud 7
  • HellomellowyellowHellomellowyellow Registered Users 4 Posts
    I'm all out of things to do in this game and getting bored so I wanted to try out this Game Center friend thing.

    Add me up!

    Username: JCSJ92
  • ToyasaurToyasaur Registered Users 35 Posts
    Mines 'Toyasaur' I play A-List and Hollywood btw :)
    Game Center: Toyasaur
  • Juicymami7Juicymami7 Registered Users 45 Posts
    Hi add me on gamecenter, Lacey kisscakes. I play Hollywood stardom and sims freeplay as well
  • ConquistadoratheexploraConquistadoratheexplora Registered Users 2 Posts
    GC: conquistadoratheexplora :) add me please!!
  • OzsalOzsal Registered Users 18 Posts
    Ozsal -please add
  • aprilthegirlaprilthegirl Registered Users 2 Posts
    Add me too pls, am a daily player :3
    GC: aprilthegirl
  • SporkyBethSporkyBeth Registered Users 46 Posts
    Hey, I'm SporkyBeth on GC. :)
  • Sparkle101010Sparkle101010 Registered Users 3 Posts
    Hi! I'm a daily player, lovin' the game 😃. GC:sparkle101010
  • FunkiegrlFunkiegrl Registered Users 12 Posts
    Hey fellow SH addicts! I have hundreds of contacts on FB, but none who play this game, lol. Please add me in your Game Center I am Funkiegrl. I'm at the highest level, have won 4 Star Awards, have the most amount of fans you can get and am engaged, now it's getting boring.
  • FunkiegrlFunkiegrl Registered Users 12 Posts
    Btw, if you add me (Funkiegrl) I will send you a gift through the game :-)
  • AshyrAshyr Registered Users 6 Posts
    Posting my info again, now with an extra account.

    Game Center:

    Danny Rosbief
    Danaidh Braonain

    For both Stardom: The A-list & Hollywood.
  • ScskyeScskye Registered Users 4 Posts
    Add me scskye
  • Labu1314Labu1314 Registered Users 10 Posts
    Add me: Labu1314
  • BountyAngelBountyAngel Registered Users 24 Posts
    I have a whole list of names on GC but it's too much

    Here's mine:BountyAngel
    I got enough stars to send everybody the gifts they don't have which I do now and then except now cause I don't want to lose fans and for a mission I have to do a movie in the valley and that is glitching and crashing when I try to reach middle of valley
    Once a few weeks pass by or update I will get back on so I don't lose fans
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