I can't go on a date with my boyfriend. He asked me out at Starbeans and we went to his apartment. Then I left to go do a quest. But when I tried to go back it wouldn't let me. So I tried starting a new date but his name wouldn't show up. So I waited until after the time limit on the date but I still can't go on a date. But I met him at Starbeans again and we flirted but I still can't go out with him.


  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Community Moderator Member 3,359 Posts
    Being locked out of your partner's apartment when leaving is a known issue with no solution as of yet. Hopefully the developers will release a fix for this soon. You can submit a ticket to their help desk by clicking here and filling in the relevant fields.

    As for your other date are you 100% sure you clicked flirt and not network when speaking to them? As you can not date a network contact. Best way to double check what kind of contact he is is by selecting the phone icon, select the all contacts tab and scrolling through to find his name. A star by their name represents a network contact and a heart represents a love interest.

    Also try selecting all contacts when at a dating destination :3
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    Every time i go with my girlfriend shaki in my leisure time at sea. My girl friend really interested to do dating with me.
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