Stardom Hollywood Truth & Dare Game Thread

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Hello Stars and Starlets!
Welcome to Stardom Truth & Dare!

Let me explain the game to you.
We will play Truth & Dare! but in a different way:

Each round you have to nominate a Star/Starlet to play, by voting an online poll.
Each poll will last for two days (for now) so you can have time to participate,
and after two days we will announce the name of the most voted Star/Starlet.
After the announcement, the nominated one should pick Truth or Dare.
and first member to reply decides the question or dare (depends on
what the nominated picks)
When they are done, we start another poll and so on..


Make the questions/dares reasonable.
Do not ask too private questions.
Dares should be something related to the game e.g. customizing their
characters, break up with a date, date the ugliest
and so on.. Be creative!
Dares should be provided with evidence: a PHOTO!
Each member can vote once in each poll.
You can NOT vote for yourself.
For better voting results, copy the nickname of who you would like
to nominate and paste it in the poll.
Of course nominated Star/Starlet have the right to not answer or pass,
but they have to choose another Star/Starlet and of course they won’t
be allowed to participate until the next poll.

[Please stick to the rules and try not to spoil the game. Otherwise I will send
some paparazzi and blackmail you. Just kidding! …maybe not.]


For voting, click the link below and write their name:

For checking results click here:
(It takes few seconds to load)

If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask!


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