Any other sites????

grantile123grantile123 Experienced Member304 PostsRegistered Users
Are there any other sites out there where people discuss and share ideas about this game? I
m always looking for more information on how to get ahead and you can't search google without being bombarded with Hack tool sites.


  • CheesemanCheeseman Experienced Member 174 PostsRegistered Users
    It's the only one I know of. Overall I find it very informative. Is there a certain question you have.
  • grantile123grantile123 Experienced Member 304 PostsRegistered Users
    Nothing in general, I read the forum most days before I start working and it doesn't seem that there is much new or different. I know that most people keep their secrets very guarded and understandably so. Just as soon as you tell someone something everybody knows it or wants to run their mouths to glu about fixing something.
  • PierreMcWienerPierreMcWiener New Member 23 PostsRegistered Users
    Reddit has /r/tapbaseball

    It's not very active yet cause it's still pretty new. But it's not completely dead either
  • wgnobleswgnobles 3 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    This seems pretty dead
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