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Hey everyone!

So I know the word "rules" sounds kinda ominous, but really most of the rules I'm about to go over are pretty common.

The Rules
  1. Do not impersonate an Admin, Player MOD or an employee of Glu Mobile. Seriously, don’t.
  2. Do not use vulgar language.
  3. No Harassment. Courteous debates are fine. Once it starts getting personal, we will step in and those posts will be deleted and continuing to post these types of threads will be warned at first... then further actions will occur.
  4. No sexually explicit content or subject matter. Again, keep it PG-13. This includes eluding to sexual acts both obvious and masked. Also please, no links to inappropriate sites.
  5. No advertising. Do not use these forums to advertise your business or other businesses.
  6. Do not post your or anyone else private information. We don't recommend posting private information about yourselves and we definitely do not want anyone posting private information about others.
  7. No spamming. You have something to share? Cool. Do we need to see it eleventy billion times? No. We also don't need multiple one word posts or the like.
  8. Thread hijacking is not cool. Try to stay on topic while in a thread. Don’t use someone else’s thread to gain attention to your unrelated topic.
  9. Thread necromancy. Try not to raise topics from the dead. If the last post was from 4 months ago, don’t reply. If you want to discuss it, create a new thread. This just confuses everyone . People may start reading it thinking its current, but in reality it’s old information which may be out of date and wrong.
  10. Bumping. Bumping a thread several times in a day is annoying. If you are waiting for an answer and you really think no one has seen it, please at least wait a day. We (the Admins) have a lot to cover (we do support ALL the games) so there is a chance we might not see your post (remember if its account specific, I'll probably tell you to submit a ticket anyways) so if its imperative, please wait a day, then "bump" it if you absolutely must. There is no need to bump every few minutes or seconds.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind as well.

Basically, lets try and keep the discussions fun, productive, and courteous. I welcome you all to express your opinions, both positive and negative, but let’s try and keep them productive. Debates are cool, not so much when the insults start flying. There is no need for that and really helps no one.

There is no need for Glu Mobile to even ask for your password.

Hey Ryyst, what happens if I "break" these "rules"?

Good question Ryyst! Well, you'll be warned a bunch of times and then if you still insist on not following these rules then eventually I'll have to remove you from the forums.

Basically the forums should be a safe place for everyone to talk to each other about the game.


  • slocu1slocu1 15 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Those are really awesome rules 
  • Wackywaldo19Wackywaldo19 New Member 7 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I think you need to clean up the global chat.
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