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for the past week plus, I haven’t been able to keep any good SP.  I receive some in second round boxes, first round boxes, and #1 boxes. I even supposedly received one in fan rewards (David Price). But when I look at my team, they don’t show up.  They just aren’t there.  I’ve documented and sent to Customer Care more than 6-7 instances of this.  My rep says it should work, but it doesn’t.  It’s very frustrating to receive a good pitcher in a box, but then can’t use him because he’s gone.  It’s just a wasted box.  Would someone please help me?



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    HoumyHoumy Registered Users, Member 3,889 Posts
    I had heard of pitchers dropping automatically but haven't experienced it myself. Even pulled a 5* from a draft box that never dropped.
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    LETMEPLAY16LETMEPLAY16 Registered Users, Member 31 Posts
    A couple of days ago I got a 4.5* Syndergaard that never appeared in my player list - Not the best pitcher in the game by any stretch of the imagination, but he would've fit in my rotation.
    I didn't bother with a Customer Service message as I already have a ticket open (to do with unrelated Android bugs since the v1.03 update)
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    LETMEPLAY16LETMEPLAY16 Registered Users, Member 31 Posts
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