How should I spend my gold? Bronze team

scottybuckets19scottybuckets19 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
I have saved up to 10k gold and I am ready to start making moves. I've done a lot of reading on the forums and found that cycling walkoff hero is the best way to build a good squad. I have also found that players of the week are the way to go, however it doesn't seem I'll be able to cycle yet due to being in bronze. Should I start doing player of the week now, or wait until I've built a better team? If so, how should I go about building a better team?


  • UltimateWarriorUltimateWarrior Registered Users, Member 543 Posts
    @scottybuckets19 I would buy a potw good for bonuses on Tuesday and Thursday. They’re also better than a lot of 5 star players even after they’re stats drop. The only way you move up to silver is when you have enough cash, XP to max your players and upgrades out. As far your gold try to stack a little more and use it on a fan reward or if you can hold out a few more weeks POTM will be out and they are definitely worth going after
  • ME8UP55ME8UP55 Registered Users, Member 11 Posts
    Potw is the way I'm going.
  • TheRedBeardTheRedBeard Registered Users, Member 11 Posts
    Go ahead and level your club to, it helps more than it hurts this year... 
  • MattattackMattattack Registered Users 1,971 Posts
    honestly I would have silver on my mind as soon as possible.  Cycling in bronze is doable but much tougher.  I would save the gold and the xp and move up to silver
  • benny100benny100 Registered Users, Member 757 Posts
    Are you able to cycle slugfest? I would focus on that before WOH and concur that WOH in bronze is a beast that will drive you crazy. If you have a few good sluggers then moving them to silver and still being able to cycle slugfest to build up bxp is a decent option
  • scottybuckets19scottybuckets19 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    I got to 5.9 in WOH and couldn't get by even with my 112 OVR slugger, didn't spend much gold at all. And yes I am able to cycle slugfest. I got POTW acuna for this event so we'll see how that goes, but it seems like POTW is always good because the odds are so high
  • SEANTONNSEANTONN Registered Users, Member 35 Posts
    Save some for player of the month boxes
  • bigvivecbigvivec Registered Users, Member 2,133 Posts
    edited April 2019
    Tap endlessly on videos during the week and go all in on the fan reward buying 12k of weekend boxes two weeks running.  You’ll have an awesome team! least that’s what I did.   ;)

    The best you can do in the game at the moment requires green dollars, real cash.  Boxes are great but to quickly build a core of top players that can take down WOH hit that specials box.  Freeman, Correa, Bellinger and now Judge.....difference makers.
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