Landinf Bonus player at silver gold plat diamond

Let's say if I'm gold and I purchase a bonus box and land a player. If this player was to start at gold level 1 instead of bronze 1, I believe that would be a game changer and benefit both players and glu revenue. Xp is hard to build up unless we spend way too much. People will take more chances on opening boxes knowing the player will start at their tier level 1 instead of bronze.
Pros and cons? 


  • nickname9999nickname9999 46 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    That would be nice. I mean we have done so much work to get to gold, platinum, diamond. It would be nice if they even started one level lower that I was in. So I’m diamond, pull a box, make them platinum...
  • sherold22sherold22 84 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    But still people are spending money on boxes, bc thats where the prime xp box, evo box, and xp boxes come into play
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