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I wanna see how things compare for others in game.  So let’s post your team strength and level and then post your success rate for each event.  Do you find it easy , hard, or just right.   Keep in mind , we must have a challenge to keep it interesting!!

so I’m a silver team at 51 k strength and here is my success 
  woh-  I feel it is a perfect difficulty as I have a fair bit of trouble from some in level 3-5, but when I’m mad enough and at the point to give up on it, I make it through and forget about that struggle.  Of course I’d like to go through with ease but I’m ok with it as is!!

 Prime/sprint - difficulty here is way to high for me.  With a 51 k silver team, and some big hitters throughout my lineup, also most upgrades maxed, I can’t seem to streak more then 10-12 games. And most times I lose after 2-3.  I find most games against gold teams with 170+ pitchers.  

 Bonus/tourney-  very much same as prime games.  Maybe a little worse. Last Thur I had like a 20% win rate, maybe even less. Also being outmatched in most games and tourneys I’m loosing first round matches.  

Slugfest- haven’t pushed it yet. Prob wed I’ll give it a go!!

  So that’s where I stand as of now


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    Great thread @newfy! Here's my take:

    WoH: I now understand why keepers made sense from Glu's perspective. Towards the end of '18, WoH was rather routine because of all the access we had to double skilled players. Most players that were gold tier or above cycled at will and their cycles were limited by time more so than the game itself. It was really fun. It was no longer a question of beating WoH, but more so about cycling to open as many boxes as we could. Well, fast forward to '19. It was easy(and convenient) to forget about the struggle and grind of playing all day(in bronze/silver) without any guarantees of even beating WoH once. We were far too removed and quite frankly, it would've been quite the culture shock. Keepers, imo, were designed to help bridge the gap. However, it wasn't enough. There was still an outcry from many that WoH was too difficult. In reality, with keepers/legends, it had never been easier. And that was before they tweaked it a couple more times to make it even easier. 

    Prime/Sprint: There appears to definitely be unfavorable changes made. In '18, 1600 wins(silver) was the ballpark where we'd noticed a considerable jump in matchups. Now, it appears that number is more around 800-900 wins. If prime/sprint is important for you, there is no choice but to move up in tiers. Personally, I'm indifferent because it's not something I participate too much in.

    Bonus games/Tourneys: Basically, the same as above. I will add that with a tighter threshold, guys need to be aware that their 'wins' total is a valuable resource and should be treated as such.

    Slugfest/Derby: It's back baby!!! Okay, maybe that didn't deserve an exclamation and certainly not three of them. Anyways, it is still the best approach in building a team. If you don't want to splurge a lot of real money into the game, invest in your sluggers. In bronze/silver, with some practice, you can accumulate a very nice amount of cash, bxp, and gloves; all of which are extremely valuable. It does, however, take a considerable amount of time investment. If you're one to quickly get bored, it may not be your cup of tea. It's rather tedious and repetitive. For me, I'm able to tolerate it because I have a carrot that I'm always chasing(bxp/leveling up my club/upgrades). 
    I wish we could do battles for more than 5k at a time. I REALLY wish gold battles were brought back in some capacity. I would also love to be able to challenge my friends in h2h derby battles or even have a tourney mode with derby. There are lots of possibilities. It would definitely get guys to invest in their sluggers and dang it, it would be fun as hell! 

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    I forgot to add my fav mode...

    CvC: This, along with WoH, is why I'm super antsy to move to gold. Many have experienced very inconsistent and low scores, but again, we simply don't have the bats that we had in '18 so it's not a fair comparison. On top of that, being in silver and especially bronze, it's just naturally more difficult to rack up the points that we're used to seeing next to our names. For me, this continues the theme of GLU pushing us up in tiers.
    Mi casa es su casa...except during cvc. 
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    Thanks @DFBB for your input and it seems pretty similar as what I experience, so as you said I do believe this is a glu tactic to push us up in tiers and control our success as such.  So a silver team can cycle woh and slugfest but crap the bed elsewhere to the point we advance.  So now yay, I’m at 80% win rate but can’t beat woh or slugfest.  Thanks but no thanks glu.  You won’t be winning this one on me. Lol.  
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    4/12 I went Silver, now Silver 3, 51,763 strength, record as I write this 1129-157. Hitting upgrades maxed, pennants in the 20's for all. This is the first week I have really played Prime, I'm not going to make a habit of it though.
    WOH - cycled Monday although was losing in autoplay so had to go manual, cost me time but was having fun. Couldn't come close in Bronze
    Slugfest - cycled this week but again was losing in autoplay, again costing time but again enjoying it. Cycled in Bronze without losing autoplay
    Prime Tuesday - had a POTW, no game issues, played enough to clear tier 6
    Bonus Thursday - played 46 (to get to Silver 3) lost 4, 42-4.
    Weekend - streaking into the 30's as of earlier today
    Tourney - haven't played one yet
    CVC - can't complain, I'm no rock star but it's not my favorite mode, don't use gold to extend rounds or boost, manual play mostly because I'm cheap and that 5k cash can be better used somewhere else.
    Season mode - won it today (98-18 record, 6 game sweep in playoffs - Dodgers, Diamondbacks, Indians)
    Favorite mode - right now Slugfest, ignored last year and paid the price, not again. WOH is quickly gaining in the fun factor now that I'm Silver. And Season mode is a blast right now (as long as I keep winning it that is)
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