Buying boxes may now only be necessary to maximize event points?

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Mon - With the new format it makes sense to spend a little gold and get an amazing player. I didn't buy the box on Monday. Our club got 3rd place.

Tue - You can either throw more resources at this event than you end up winning, or you can just hit tier 6 in about 15 minutes and then call it a day and play Clash. Didn't buy a single box yesterday either.

Wed - Hmm, depends. Does your club *ever* get a decent bracket? Our does not. Really we can get lucky and place well, and if not, oh well- it's easy to tier out on Wed still. I've never bought a Royale Arms box.

Thu - This event seems to go pretty well if you are in Diamond or if you just went up a tier. I guess I have bought boxes on Thu before, like last year when they offered Molitor as a new player toward the tail end. Again, easy to tier out on Thu.

Weekend - Just buy the $29 player and be done with it. You are guaranteed a (usually) great player, without the frustration of buying $100 worth of gold and blowing through boxes to get 1 player. The rewards are, well, not very good unless you can place in the top 5. Which, to do that, your club needs to throw a ton of real $ at this event or get lucky with your bracket.

I will say the POTM and POTW boxes have good value due to the odds and the boosted players that can get you event points and also perform well in WOH events. Other than that, I think I will be happy with whatever player they offer in HOF mode on Mondays and the occasional $29 purchase on the weekend. My gold balance just keeps increasing with this new approach, and it is not because I'm buying any, that's for sure.

And yes, I do understand that there are people who don't care about being frugal and play the game for pride / bragging rights and will throw tons of real $ at the game and do things that don't make much sense to me (like spending thousands of gold on a Tuesday to win 500 gold and some event boxes). But, to each their own. Anyway, just thought I'd share my new approach to the game and see what you guys think. I'm sure a lot of you have other approaches that work well and, well really, this just seems like a fun discussion to have.


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    I got some opinions on this, but it's almost WoH time bro! I'll be back later. :)
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    I agree with everything except buying a player at $30.That player maybe good for a couple weeks and then there is a new one out that’s better. Boxes odds are better than last years, but you have to buy so many like you said to get someone good. There has to be a better format for the weekend event. The amount of resources you dump into the event greatly outweighs the reward.
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    I agree with everything except buying a player at $30.That player maybe good for a couple weeks and then there is a new one out that’s better. 
    That can probably be said for any player, other than keepers / my legend. If you don't want to spend at all, you *might* be able to keep up by just getting the Monday HOF player every week (assuming these players continue to be top-level) and the occasional player you pull from a gift or CvC win. I don't have any problem dishing out $30 once in a while for a player like Rizzo last weekend, when I compare it to what I've spent in the past on Gold to open weekend boxes. 

    Man, I totally agree with you on the weekend event (and same goes for Tuesday). You dump in more than what you get out of it. Our club mainly focuses on hitting the tiers, which is easy to do, and Clash/CvC on prime event days.
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    I think its kind of been that way for a while.  I did buy weekend boxes once this year.  Mainly because I went gold that weekend and wanted to be able to use the discount to level some guys up.   It was two weeks ago and I ended up pulling the dual skill Thor and reliever Hicks while getting McNeil in fan rewards.   But yeah with cvc often yielding weekend players and the box odds being 10%, its tough for me to want to splurge on weekend boxes till after cvc.
    POTM boxes I had every intention of buying but I got two from the VIP gift, two from global gifts and two from clearing HOF twice on monday.  So i got 6 boxes without buying them and got 4 players (2 Glasnow, 1 Anderson and 1 Lowe) so I dont really feel a strong need to buy those anymore.

    But yeah I try and just do whats best to improve my team at a cost that makes and it involves being patient alot of the time.  Everyone is different tho.

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    It all depends on the players in the boxes if I decide to get boxes, the 29.99 player is a good value because you know what you're getting.  You'll hear a lot of people talk about it isn't worth it because that player will obsolete in a few weeks, but that goes with any player you get this early, especially once prime players and legends come out. 
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