Was there a complaint or is this just a way to control teams?!?

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I guess I may be in the alternative group that was never consumed by the difficulty in WOH.  Said that, last Monday was atrocious and was a shot at every single player whether you cycled HoF or not.  My question is why the spice and change.  I like the towers, and agree it was getting too easy due to them allowing many players use cash to purchase high end guys.  More players were cycling.  What events lead to making a harder WoH other than it became reachable for many players.  I know plenty of casuals who can't cycle and people like me work all day and don't have the opportunity to grind all day.  I'll settle for the low tier reward and grind as much as possible for the "don't try it" but I don't understand the angle of ensuring guys with high end players and loads of money continue to benefit from the manipulation of actually fun playable modes where the casual guy tends to be left out.  (Casual to me is defined as little to no money spent).  Hopefully they find something in the middle and I havent played too much yet today to tell if the high tier is too much or not, but my guess is with that prime Yelich it's going to be a tiresome task.  Kudos to you guys killing it but I feel for those who struggle at the level woh already was.  
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