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Glu, if you wanted to make this weekend absolutely useless, congratulations! You did it! There's currently no point in playing this weekend. The prime event rewards are a joke, as always, cause it's never gonna change, but, more importantly, we can't watch videos. If you follow where I'm getting at, that means that I can do 0 productivity this weekend. There is no point in my being on the game. I'll login every three hours to play cvc, and that's it. You've already made your point that you only want people to buy gold. We noticed. So if you want alot of your free to play community to continue playing the game, stop making the game worse. I've been frustrated with this company for years, and these past few days have put me really on edge. So, if you don't want me to throw in the towel forever, you're gonna have to start acting right really soon. Cause this BS ain't gonna cut it with me.


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    Agree. I stopped spending, because I have too many projects going on at my house and need every dime I have, so I am relying on videos for gold. Its beyond annoying that these types of issues still exist. 
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    I've been reading the CS support responses on here and FB and they are flat out embarrassing themselves.  Advertisements are limited to your geographic area!?  Everybody knows thats a load of bull, Glu.  At least come out and say that advertisements are capped to a finite amount of views per 24 hours.  

    Rewards need to be revamped.  Top 5 rewards are great, but literally all I see is the same 5 teams in the top 5 every week.  Franchise coins are worthless.  #1 draft picks are worthless.  Silver draft picks are worthless.  It's either spends hundreds of dollars a week to be in a top 5 club or get nothing.  Where is the incentive to even play?  Is this game only made for the 100 people in the top 5 clubs?
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    I can’t afford to spend the money to keep up with the teams spending big bucks. So I rely on videos to earn gold to keep me even somewhat competitive. I don’t care if it’s double videos or regular videos, just get the videos working. Us free to play players want to keep improving our teams too. 
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    Useless. Even though these types of issues have occurred in past versions, we all just need to be patient and understanding. Smh.
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    @snowy24 I find it odd that everything is a "problem with our vendors." If it were a problem with your vendors, how come the videos stop at 125 and magically reset at 8:00? Weird.
  • BlackFang4BlackFang4 Registered Users, Member 515 Posts
    Currently cvc is not going on, and most people have achieved their 500 gold limit. Sooo... There's no point in playing. I have plenty of time right now to watch videos, but instead I'll just play a different game because there's nothing to do. 
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